sábado, 1 de agosto de 2015

Final papers will be published by Argus-a. For their final project, participants will submit an article for publication in a collection of essays edited by the directors. It will be completed after their return from the seminar. Papers can be written in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

After the final version have been reviewed and approved by NEH Summer Seminar directors, all the materials will be submitted to external reviewers.

Deadline for submitting final papers: December 10, 2015.

Argus-a publishes only unpublished academic papers

Abstract: All texts will be presented with an abstract of no more than 10 lines in Spanish/Portuguese and English.
Key words: 5 words in Spanish, English and Portuguese. 


Word: .doc o .docx
Page: A4
Font: Times New Roman 12 
Line Spacing: 1.5
Indent for paragraph
Margins: 3 cm top, bottom, left and right 
Photos must have credit and copyright information. It is the author’s responsibility and not of Argus-a to get permits for publication of audiovisual materials. 

Two Word documents have to be submitted:
a) One with endnotes for publishing on line.
b) Another with footnotes for the printed book.

Notes, Quotations, Bibliography:

1) MLA format  

2) Line Spacing: 1 

3) Quotations: If the manuscript includes quotations, they should follow the following rules: up to 4 lines may be quoted in the main body of the text; more than four lines will be set as a separate paragraph with two indents, without quotation marks
Bibliographic information will be in parenthesis: the author name and page.Only if the author had several works in the final bibliography, include the year also to avoid ambiguity.Example: (Jitrik 22) or, if more than one reference by the same author (Jitrik 1981 22).

Data about title, publisher and publication date, will be detailed in bibliography at the end of the manuscript.  

Additions and / or deletions in any quotation shall be enclosed in brackets [...].

If emphasis is added in italics by the author of the paper it has to be said: (Jitrik 22, my emphasis or equivalent).